Learning new tricks…

Photography, like many things, is ever-changing. There are always new things to learn, new techniques to play with, new inspirations and ideas to try and capture. Always learning, always gaining knowledge. One of these new little tidbits I was playing with recently, and boy was I having fun with it!

A wealth of knowledge is readily available on the internet in many forms. The ability to learn something new is almost overwhelmingly easy if you put your mind to it, and plug in a Google search. But sometimes, you need a little help, a little constructive criticism, a little inspiration. Recently I reconnected with a fellow photographer, Brandi Sunley, to do just that. I have watched her build her own business over the years via social media, and watched her portfolio and client base just grow and grow, and her photography has just become more refined and a style all her own. It also doesn’t hurt that she takes some amazing pictures! As I am on my own path to build my own business, I reached out to pick her brain a bit. To connect with other like minded people and groups who just love to take pictures and are humble and giving of ideas, knowledge, maybe a little inspiration too. 

Needless to say some of her observations and comments were invaluable. Direct and blunt, it gave me an unbiased view on what I am doing and trying to achieve with my photography. It has helped me bring into focus a bit more what I want to shoot, and what I need to work on a bit. Where I should direct some of my next steps. I was also able to help out with a couple of her own shoots. That was really great to see someone who’s work I admire in their own element, and see in action some of the skills I myself am still working on. Don’t get me wrong, family and friends offer some fantastic feedback, and I appreciate all of them for it - but once in a while you need to ask for help and feedback from people who aren’t that close to your work.

And there’s point of my little tale today, sometimes in order to grow you need to put your dreams and goals out there to seek out the advice, feedback, comments and opinions from unbiased sources. It’s scary to put your passion out there to be scrutinized like that, no matter what it is, but in the end it will be completely worth it. You’re going to get some bad stuff, but there is way more good stuff than bad to gain from asking.


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