Listen to the Music

I had the recent privilege again of shooting the local art event ARTember in Airdrie AB, and even with the rainy and cold weather it was a fantastic weekend with tons of local artists and musicians. While I loved the artwork there, and these artists are seriously talented (and I will be facebooking some of them to get some kickass art), my favourite thing is always the live music. There’s such an energy from watching these musicians and artists performing, you can feel the passion they have for their music. You can see the reactions from the people watching (albeit a smaller crowd on the cold days….but they were still there!), and how much they are enjoying it. I got to see some favourites from last year, Flaysher (formerly known as Storm), Steel & Timber, Meta Mofo and Christian Hudson. The best was getting to see and experience some new bands, St. James Gate, Savage Playground, Shadow in the Dark, Rotary Park and Rob Dawson. 

Watching some of these bands, I got a feeling of sheer jealousy. It takes so much to stand in front of a crowd of strangers and perform. Granted some just have the innate charisma and personality, that this doesn’t phase them AT ALL, but I would lose my lunch if I had to do that. I’m a great singer….in my car….alone. And if the fate of humanity rested on my ability to get on a stage and perform, well I’m sorry but we’re done.

Now I can’t even remotely capture the talent of these musicians with photographs alone, and sadly videography is not my speciality. However, I did get some cool shots, and without any more words here are some of my favourites from the weekend.

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